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Posted on 30th Apr 2015 @ 4:55 PM

In stock and ready for immediate dispatch!!

The brand new mid-range V-Drum kit from Roland!  We have had the chance to play a prototype of this kit and we can say this is the best-sounding, most realistic and most customisable electronic drum kit we've played at this price.  The sound engine from the flagship TD30, now in the new TD25 module, produces realism and nuance that drummers will really appreciate, especially those who have played acoustic kits for years.  The new module layout, with Tuning, Muffling and Tone knobs right on top of the module surface, makes changing sounds intuitive and fast - perfect for live performance.  It even records WAV audio directly to USB stick!  The V-hihat now comes standard on both K and KV versions, further enhancing the realism of the playing experience.  We believe this kit will become the best bang-for-your-buck option in the V-Drums range.


Kick pedal and hi-hat stand are not included, and are shown for illustrative purposes only.